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Dr. Evans Kidero, Governor, Nairobi City County

Born in Majengo- Nairobi, to a father who was a policeman, and a mother who was a homemaker, Dr. Evans Kidero grew up in a large extended family of 7 children, where he was the eldest. Dr. Evans Kidero attended primary school in Nairobi, and completed secondary school at Mangu High school where he was the Head Boy. Dr. Kidero went on to attend the University of Nairobi, where he graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and thereafter got his first job working as a pharmacist at Kenyatta National Hospital. He went on to obtain a Masters of Business Administration in 1990 at United States International University in Kenya. These qualifications, his personal abilities and the hand of God set him on the path for an illustrious career in corporate management.

Dr. Evans Kidero
Dr. Evans Kidero

The highlights of this career include: 4 years at Warner Lambert, 12 years at SmithKline Beecham Healthcare International, 2 years at the helm of Nation Media Group, and (most recently) 10 years in the stewardship of Mumias Sugar Company. It is from Mumias that Dr. Kidero recently resigned to pursue a political career in Nairobi county governorship. From a 28-year career in the competitive corporate environment, Dr. Kidero has acquired leadership and management skills that make him a suitable candidate for a job that requires experience, competence and caring.

Dr. Kidero’s results speak for his competence, as he left a track record of business success at each of the organizations that he led. At Mumias, where he was the first ever Kenyan MD, he turned a run down, failing business into a resounding success. Today Mumias Sugar accounts for 60% of the country’s sugar sales, and under his leadership, has diversified into a series of related businesses from the by-products of sugar manufacturing, including generation of electricity and sales of bottled water. Dr. Kidero’s caring leadership style is evident in the welfare arrangements he put in place for the staff of these organizations, which has earned him loyalty from those whom he led over the years.

Dr. Kidero’s own improbable story of success is what inspired him to run for Governor. Dr. Kidero believes that he owes his achievements to the excellent systems and services that were available to him growing up in Nairobi, but that are no longer available to the people of Nairobi. Although he came from very humble beginnings, he benefitted from the affordable and good quality education and healthcare that was available then, he grew up on safe and clean streets of Nairobi, and he was employed by a Government which, at the time, was able to provide job opportunities to the youth. Dr. Kidero would like to restore Nairobi to its former glory, and give all Nairobi residents the facilities and opportunities that they need for their families to progress and flourish.

The job of a Governor is a management job that requires a deep understanding of the challenges facing someone growing up or living in Nairobi today. Dr. Kidero’s own personal experience in overcoming the challenges of growing up in Nairobi with minimal resources, and his vast business experience make him an ideal first Governor of Nairobi County.


Jonathan Mueke, Deputy Governor - Nairobi City County


Jonathan Mueke was born in Nairobi to Dr. Frank Mueke, a medical doctor and the late Mrs. Juliana Mueke who was a nurse.Having grown up in Nairobi County, he attended Nairobi Baptist Church nursery school, Kilimani Primary school (Pre unit – Std 8) and Nairobi School (form 1-4).

 Jonathan then left for Unites States of America where he attended Wayne State University (Major in Bsc. Computer Science, minor in Business Administration) and Oakland University (MBA, double major in Global Information Technology and Entreprenurship). During his undergraduate years, he served as the organizing secretary for the African Students Association.

 While still in the USA, Jonathan worked at Wayne State University as a Systems Administrator, K-Mart Corporation as a Y2K Systems Developer, DaimlerChrysler Corporation as a Project Manager and FiServ Incorporated as a Technology Services Manager.

 Jonathan’s leadership potential has been identified in both professional and political spheres, earning him honors locally and abroad, including being an elected member of Strathmore Who’s Who in leadership (USA). He was also the founding President of the Kenya Community Abroad, Michigan Chapter and is an alumni of Sunwords exclusive leadership unusual FFWD program.

 Having run for the Westlands parliamentary seat unsuccessfully in the 2007 elections, 2013 saw Jonathan became the running mate in Dr. Evans Kidero’s gubernatorial bid and they were consequently elected as Nairobi City County Governor and Deputy Governor.

He brings to the top leadership of the County, youthfulness, technology know how, project management, entrepreneurial and transformative leadership skills — just what Nairobi needs to face the challenges of youth unemployment, infrastructure development, service delivery, inefficiency and change management.

The Deputy Governor’s office has direct responsibility for the ICT sector, county executive committee coordination, sub-county administration, intergovernmental relations, community development projects and special projects.

Jonathan is married to Catherine Wanjiku and they are blessed with a son.



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